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the humor community of westeros sorting

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about the community

This is the humor community of Westeros Sorting. Anything ridiculous goes here (parodies, crack!fics, psychotic fanart, etc.) :)

Your moderators are misstopia (Lord Commander), missyquill (Lannister), rebel (Lannister),jesatria (Martell), alenky_cveto4ek (Stark), muku_muku (Stark), mauvais_pli (Targaryen), ikel89 (Targaryen), kibethsbark (Tully), moryssa (Tully), moderntrickster (Tully), hamsterwoman (Tyrell) and sephystabbity (Tyrell).

Your community founders are deeplyunhip, cyshobbitlass, and honest_illusion.

art by Mathia
Sexiest Man in Westeros Competition Posts

art by Anders Finer
Sexiest Woman in Westeros Competition Posts

art by Amok
Ultimate Villain in Westeros Competition Posts

art by Mathia
Westeros Elections '08 Posts

the subcommunities

greathouses | thetourneys | jesteros | valyrian_forged | thenightswatch
westerosorting | westerostamping| thegreyjoys (not currently an option)| thelannisters themartells | thestarks | thetargaryens | thetullys |thetyrells

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